About us

We are MLI TRADING LLC, a retailing partner that represents multiple brands and helps suppliers increase sales, save costs, time and inform customers about their products.

As a supplier, MLI TRADING LLC is the best retail seller you can partner with.

Understanding the processes of online sales can be difficult but we have created a smooth way of making it simple and easy.

Retailing now involves branding, advertising, logistics, handling customer feedback, and lots more.

As a supplier, you don’t have to deal with the intricacies of retailing, why not let us do the retail sales while you save on cost and time.

We don’t just sell your products, we become your ambassador. So we protect your brand and give it the best representation.


Your first reason to partner with us is reliability. You can depend on us to do what we say, and we say increased sales is our main goal.

That is why we sell your products on various e-commerce platforms. We promote and sell on the Amazon market place which has a customer base of over 60%  American homes and more worldwide.

We also sell and advertise your products on our website. This guarantees an increase in sales for you.

Our success is your success. By partnering with us, we make profits as your brand and online sales grow.




We understand and resolve gray-market issues to preserve your brand integrity. We are always compliant with market requirements. You don’t have to worry about the suppression of listings and account shutdowns.


Your brand gets maximum exposure to customers through our professionally done advertising and marketing. We improve your results ranking on search engines by using optimization best practices. We also use digital marketing strategies to reach new customers and drive conversion


We showcase your brand and products using high-quality media. We specialize in photography, video design, and digital advertising for increased online sales.

We use a pure white background that meets Amazon standards and guidelines


What customers say and feel about a product is important in the success of a brand. We take feedback and respond fast to customers making them understand that your brand cares. We also give the information to our partners to act on as needed.


You save costs and time while we take care of logistics and shipping. We protect your product in a secured and well-packaged manner to minimize the risk of damage before shipping for you.

Products are labelled accurately for easy identification.


We engage expert copywriters to create original content for your brand’s image. We use high-quality photography, compelling descriptions that use headlines and bullet points to connect with customers. We are quick to resolve issues and adhere to Amazon’s terms of service.

We monitor your listing to be sure it is live at all times.


We adhere strictly to MAP policy, this gives you price stability helps protect your brand from price erosion

Also, we help protect your MAP policy and report violations of your listings.


We use suitable research-based and planned advertising to help position your products above others. This increases brand exposure and boosts overall sales.


Amazon is one of the most trusted eCommerce marketplaces. We sell your products through Amazon so that your brand will be associated with a brand that customers know and trust.

The number of potential customers we can reach through Amazon is more than 300 million. By selling on Amazon, we can reach a much larger customer base than any other e-commerce platform.